My manifesto

To be original and imaginative and aspire to excellence.

To produce unique, long-lasting, elegant, inspiring works of art that bring joy and pleasure, and encourages the works of the original artist to be explored.

To meet the challenge of creating long-lasting artworks with delight and humour while maintaining a desire to create works of beauty and awe.

To increase knowledge and skills and explore innovative techniques and processes that allow new interpretations of works of art.

To continually re-assess the relationship between tools, materials and the finished piece while ensuring the market price reflects the true sale value.

To work in a contented and professional manner and engender a calm, respectful and tranquil environment to ensure each aspect of the process is of the highest quality.

To treat collectors, suppliers, and working partners with respect, honesty, and courtesy.

Art that has to be in a gallery to be art isn’t art” The Stuckists

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