Welcome to Gary’s Artworks

My mission: To create new and inspiring original works of art with lasting appeal; to truthfully reinterpret the work of great and influential artists by reimagining their work; to bring joy and thoughtful reflection.

I create art using mouthblown glass and am inspired by artists including Mondrian, Nicholson, van Doesberg, as well as the Cubist movement, particularly Picasso. I reimagine their stained-glass work or recreate their canvas and oils to glass, reinterpreting their art in a new medium.

My Masters Reimagined gallery can be viewed here.

My own designs can be viewed in Imagined.

I also create bespoke pieces inspired by nature and am currently working with glass and pressed flowers. These can be viewed in Miscellany.

Items are available for purchase and details are provided within the galleries. I would be delighted to discuss commissions or queries – please get in touch via the Contact me tab.

To accurately and truthfully reimagine the work of great and influential artists, creating beautiful art that brings joy and thoughtful reflection and has lasting appeal.

Never worry, assess, discuss or criticise but remain quiet, respectful and calm.” Gilbert and George

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