Dimensions: 115mm high x 100mm wide
Weight: 110g
Price: £35

The saltire, or St Andrew’s Cross, has been Scotland’s national flag since 1385, although the inspiration for the design was some 450 years earlier in 832AD when an army of Picts under King Angus Mac Fergus, was pursued by a larger force of Angles and Saxons. Fearing the outcome of the encounter, King Angus led prayers for deliverance and was rewarded by the dramatic appearance overhead of white saltire-shaped clouds against a blue sky.

Although the saltire can be placed within many shapes, this design sets it within a couche heraldic shield and is created by combining deep transparent blue glass and an opaque white glass. The glass is copper foiled and lead soldered and encircled by a 3mm came edging. The piece is completed with a short zinc chain.

It is possible to create a similar piece that is many times larger than this one.

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