Blue bat

Blue bat
Dimensions: 310mm x 70mm
Weight: 219g
Price: £25

Bats are a spooky and enduring image of Halloween. According to legend, the ancient Celts believed the ghosts of their ancestors returned on the eve of All Saints’ day, the night of 31st October. On this hallowed night, spirits crossed over from beyond and returned to the world of the living. As protection from the ghosts, Celts held an annual celebration and gathered around large bonfires. The fires attracted insects which in turn attracted hungry bats, swooping and darting in search of their prey. The dark, shadowy, fast-moving shapes flying through the night sky embodied the spirits of the returning dead and the symbol of the bat became forever embedded in the roots of Halloween lore.

Gary’s fun bats are made from three pieces of hand-cut glass, held together with lead came, and each bat unique. The bat is equally at home in a window or against a wall.

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