TVD Female Head

TVD Female Head based on Female Head by Theo van Doesburg
Dimensions: 39.5cm x 26cm, weight 1.45kg
Price £659

Heavily influenced by Wassily Kanandinsky and Piet Mondrian, Dutch artist Theo van Doesburg was one of the founders of the De Stijl movement and exemplified its style of a simplified, geometric, and reductive aesthetic. Van Doesburg believed abstraction’s unique value was its ability to achieve social order and universal harmony with precise, orderly geometry and vibrant, contrasting colours. In 1917, he created Glas-in-loodcompositie Vrouwenkop (Stained-glass composition Female Head). This piece was subsequently bequeathed to the Dutch nation and is held at Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo.

TVD Female Head captures the abstraction, spiritual inspiration, and uplifting qualities of van Doesburg’s piece. It recreates the original dimensions and geometric balance and reimagines the tonal relationships using black, white, green, and various hues of blue and grey mouthblown Polish glass, lead came and an integral zinc frame.

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