PP Head of a Woman Reading

PP Head of a Woman Reading based on
Tete d’une Femme Lisant by Pablo Picasso
Dimensions: 29cm x 31cm, weight 1.25k
Price: £149

In 1953, Picasso painted Tete d’une Femme Lisant on paper and sheet metal as if it were a canvas. He treated each line and colour independently with black lines defining the features of the sitter, outlining the hair, eyes, nose, mouth, and shape of the neck and shoulders. However, these lines fail to contain the non-naturalistic colours he applied randomly applied to create the face.

PP Head of a Woman Reading was created in early 2020 and faithfully recreates Picasso’s original in hand-cut Tara and Oceanside glass, with each piece held together with copper foil and lead solder. It is encased in a painted pine frame and completed with a detachable zinc chain.

PP Head of a Women changes with the prevailing sunlight and captures the intensity of Picasso’s original work.

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