Mother and Child

Mother and Child
A glass panel with the external dimension 200mm x 442mm,
weight 1.2kgs
Price £495

A mother and child is the most consistently reproduced subject throughout history, since the iconic Byzantine painting of Mary and Jesus this subject has been tackled by many of the great painters, including Da Vinci, Monet, Picasso, and Renoir.

Designed in 2021 and created in 2022, Mother and Child depicts the awe and unconditional love of a mother as she gazes at her sleeping newborn. A new life and a change of life; the nurturing mother and hope, optimism and vulnerability of the infant.

Mother and Child is comprised of a dozen different coloured, hand-cut, mouth-blown pieces of Polish glass, held in place by 3/16 inch lead came. The panel is retained with a permanent zinc frame and suspended on a detachable chain.

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