TVD Composition XX

TVD Composition XX based on Composition XX by Theo van Doesburg
Dimensions: 52cm x 38cm, weight 2.75 kgs
Price £445

Theo van Doesburg created Composition XX in 1920 and his oil on canvas painting follows the geometric abstraction advocated by the Dutch DeStijl movement, adapted from the grid structure employed by Piet Mondrian and Vilmos Huszar at the end of 1918.  Van Doesburg’s painting uses an unorthodox palette where the primary colours are toned down.  After van Doesburg’s death in 1931, Composition XX was one of the few paintings retained by his widow, Nelly.

TVD Composition XX faithfully recreates the geometric shapes and relationships of van Doesburg’s original and reimagines it as a stained glass panel. It is made from hand-cut Mystic, Oceanside and Corella glass, with each piece held in place by 3/16th inch lead came and completed with a permanent zinc frame and detachable chain.

TVD Composition XX displays all the light-changing characteristics of a bespoke stained glass panel and is a proud, stand-alone work of art. The subdued red, blue and yellow glass complement the crispness of the whites and smokiness of the near blacks.

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