PP Woman Writing

PP Woman Writing based on Woman Writing by Pablo Picasso
Dimensions: 33cm x 40cm, weight 1.75k
Price: £39

Painted in 1934, Pablo Picasso’s oil on canvas painting was originally entitled Femme écrivant but is now commonly known as Woman Writing. It depicts his long-time muse and lover Marie-Thérèse Walter sitting on an ornate chair, pen in hand and with her eyes downturned, writing a letter in the secluded château of Boisgeloup near Gisors, a small village northwest of Paris.

Marie-Thérèse sits in front of a window, the light from outside illuminating her features in what is otherwise a dimly lit room.  Marie-Thérèse takes up most of the pictorial space, her body and face composed of a series of ample, interlocking planes and Picasso captures  the intense concentration of a woman who is not only writing but also dreaming.

PP Woman Writing faithfully recreates Picasso’s original and is fashioned from hand-cut Mystic, Oceanside and Corella glass, some panels of which are hand-painted, and each held in place by copper foil and patinaed solder. It is permanently retained in a painted pine frame and completed with a detachable chain.

PP Woman Writing displays all the light-changing characteristics of a bespoke stained glass panel and is a proud, stand-alone work of art.

A delightful piece to enjoy and cherish.

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