PP Long-Haired Young Girl

PP Long-Haired Young Girl based on Jeune Fille aux Grand Cheveux (Long-Haired Young Girl) by Pablo Picasso
Dimensions: 22cm x 27cm, weight 725g
Price £429

In 1945, Pablo Picasso created a lithograph called Jeune Fille aux Grand Cheveux (Long-Haired Young Girl). One of the original 50 prints is held by the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, New York.

PP Long-Haired Young Girl faithfully recreates Picasso’s original and is fashioned from hand-cut English Muffle, Tatra, and Oceanside glass; some panels are hand painted, and each held in place by 3/16th inch lead came. It is completed with a permanent zinc frame and detachable chain.

PP Long Haired Young Girl displays all the light changing characteristics of a bespoke stained glass panel and is a proud, stand-alone work of art.

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