Young Girl; Young Woman

Young Girl; Young Woman
A pair of panels each with the dimension 265mm x 215mm,

joint weight 2 kgs
Price for the pair £529

Designed in 2021 and created early in 2022, Young Girl; Young Woman comprises two glass panels each created with red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, black, and white coloured glass triangles. Each triangle is hand-cut Mystic, Oceanside, and Corella glass and held in place with 5mm came. Both panels are completed with a permanent zinc frame and detachable chain.

Young Girl depicts a child wrapped in family love, protected by the security of the home. Young Woman shows the changes she experiences when she leaves the safety of the family unit to face the challenge of life at university.

The bespoke panels of Young Girl; Young Woman reflect the changing characteristics of a girl’s experiences as she becomes a young woman.

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